Computer Forensics

With over 95% of the world’s business documents being drafted on computers and the relentless use of e-mail, instant messaging and internet business by nearly everyone, much of today’s civil litigation evidence can be derived from computers. Maley Investigations & Security, Inc. (MIS, Inc.) has experienced computer forensic investigators with the ability to locate and recover any and all relevant information or any traces that may exist on a computer or storage device. This includes recovering items such as e-mails viewed but not “saved”, websites visited, deleted documents, uninstalled software, etc. If a piece of information exists on a computer or storage device, we will be able to locate it and produce it to be used for evidence.

Data Recovery

Forensic Data Recovery is the recovery of data information from a computer that may have been deleted or hidden.

Our experts will collect and preserve data or evidence that may have been deleted, hidden, or become inaccessible through normal computing methods. Some of the items that can be recovered are listed below:

  • Deleted computer documents or pictures
  • Hard drive reformatted or repartitioned
  • Web sites that have been visited
  • What files have been downloaded
  • When files were last accessed or deleted
  • Attempts to conceal, destroy, or create evidence
  • Email messages and attachments previously deleted