Litigation Support

Maley Investigations offers a diverse range of services for law firms in need of professional litigation support. We offer comprehensive investigative services, accurate and timely informational research, process service, and thoughtful and experienced consultation on both criminal and civil cases. Our experience involving a wide range of criminal investigations provides a unique perspective regarding case preparation, trial tactics, and expert witness testimony. We offer professional expert witnesses in areas such as Computer Forensics, Audio and Video, Accident Reconstruction, Use of Force and Pursuits. Our success rate in locating witnesses is over 98 percent.

Our extensive on-line computerized database interfaces allow us to conduct witness location investigations, locate assets, and provide litigant background investigations in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our access to a national network of private investigators and law enforcement personnel, forged through years of on-going professional interactions, affords our clients unlimited geographical access to information and services without incurring costly travel expenses to get the results you need. Our goal is to provide the very best service at a reasonable cost to the client.