Security Consultation

Maley Investigations & Security, Inc., offers the business community a broad range of security consulting services designed to protect your enterprise from losses, regardless of the size of the business. These losses are estimated to cost U.S. businesses millions of dollars each year.

The initial step of the consultation process is a thorough survey of potential risks. No security plan or program can be effective unless it is based upon a clear understanding of the actual risks it is designed to control. Specific areas of the business operation are scrutinized including; perimeter and facility security, cash handling procedures, computer security, proprietary information, hiring practices, benefit abuse, emergency procedures, and contingency planning. A comprehensive written report is provided identifying the risks and vulnerabilities of your business. This analysis results in the development of specific countermeasures and corrective recommendations to reduce or eliminate the risks.

MIS, Inc., is also available to assist in developing cost estimates related to the implementation of recommended security and risk prevention enhancements to the business operation. We complete the security consultation process by offering the client full service from the selection of necessary security consultants, the implementation of the selected enhancements, and the final implementation of selected recommendations.