Child Custody

Maley Investigations & Child Custody

At Maley Investigations we understand that child custody is often the most crucial issue in a divorce or custody dispute.  In any child custody dispute, the most important thing is the child’s well-being.  We understand that you want to ensure your child’s happiness and safety.   With our experienced investigation techniques, we can help find the evidence you need in your custody dispute to ensure your child’s best interest is first and foremost.

In Illinois as well as other states, a court’s custody decision is based on a set of guidelines to evaluate what is truly in the child’s best interest to ensure that he or she has a safe, healthy, loving, and stable environment.  Once a court determines custody, visitation arrangements are made.  It is difficult to alter these arrangements after the decision has been made.  It is important to understand that while it is essential for both parents to be a part of a child’s life, it is equally important that the child not be in an unhealthy or harmful environment. 

To make sure that the child involved in these cases stays safe, one may benefit from the services of a private investigator to determine what the child’s life is like with the custodial or non-custodial parent.  At Maley Investigations we are skilled and experienced in child custody and other family cases.  We can help in your situation to ensure that your child’s best interests are being considered.  Our investigators can be beneficial in obtaining documented information on lifestyle, income, assets (as well as hidden assets), relationships (both intimate and friendly), neglect, child abuse, parental alcoholism or drug abuse, and locating and interviewing witnesses.  If you need to know information such as this, we can help to ensure that your child’s life is safe.


Parental Concerns: How do I know I need a Private Investigator?

There are many reasons why a parent may come to a private investigator:

  • You have doubts about your child’s safety.  Unfortunately, statistics have shown that a child is most likely to be neglected or abused by those closest to them.  In a court case, however, you will need specific documented evidence to prove that a spouse or ex-spouse may be a danger to your child.  A private investigator can help to provide that documented evidence and perhaps even be a witness in the case.
  • You need peace of mind.  A private investigator can help you to know that your child is happily not being neglected or abused.  This can help you know that your child is safe and secure.
  • You have been accused or neglect or abuse.  Divorce cases can get ugly.  Sometimes one parent will make false accusations in order to limit another parent’s time with the child.  A private investigator can gather and document evidence of your appropriate conduct with your child and help ensure that you are granted adequate time with your child.


Grandparents Have Concerns

In many divorce cases and child custody cases, we often find that the grandparents of the child in question are equally concerned.  You may be a grandparent who is suspicious of abuse or neglect.  You may even be involved in the custodial litigation.  Grandparents, you can also benefit from the services of a private investigator.  We can help you help your grandchild. 


Factors in Determining Child Custody

  • Stability, lifestyle, health, and schedule of the parents.
  • Past or present involvement in any criminal activity or criminal records.
  • Evidence of neglect or child abuse.
  • Domestic violence or other complaints against a parent.
  • Evidence of alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Parenting Skills
  • Ability to provide for the child (food, shelter, education)
  • Morality
  • Physical and emotional health of the parent.
  • Home environment
  • A parent's willingness to encourage a child's relationship with the other parent.
  • Care and affection shown to the child.
  • The parent's past and current conduct.
  • Whether or not the parent associates with anyone the child shouldn't be around.


Remarriage and Child Custody

Custody arrangements are made based on evidence at the time of the divorce or custodial hearing.  That is why it is important to ensure that your child is safe after the arrangements have been set. 

It is often found that many parents form new relationships or remarry.  Do you know enough about your ex-spouse’s new partner to be an important part of your child’s life?  Are they fit to raise your child?  Do they have a drug or alcohol addiction?  Are they abusive?  Your child’s safety is precious.  That is why you need to make sure that your child does not have any new dangerous or poor influences in their lives.