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Oprah Show on Cheaters

How much do you know about infidelity? Find out the real reasons men cheat.

1. How many married men in the United States are currently cheating on their wives?
Over 50 million men.

2. What percentage of cheating husbands have multiple affairs?

About 50%.

3. How many cheating husbands say their marriages have absolutely nothing to do with their cheating?
About 10%.

4. How many cheating husbands tell their wives they've cheated without being questioned?
Less than 10%.

5. What percentage of cheating husbands never admit to cheating?

Over 50%.

6. How many husbands say they never feel guilty about cheating on their wives?
About one-third.

7. What is the number one signal that a husband is cheating or on the road to cheating?

More time spent away from home.

8. What percentage of unfaithful husbands say they cheat because they're predominantly unhappy with their sex lives?
Less than 10%.

9. What percentage of cheating husbands say their wives' looks are the number one cause of sexual dissatisfaction in the relationship?

About 10%.

10. What percentage of men say their mistresses are better looking or have better bodies than their wives?

About 10%.

11. How many cheating husbands meet their mistresses on the Internet?

Less than 10%.

12. What’s the number one reason husbands say they feel emotional dissatisfaction in the marriage?
They feel unappreciated or their wives are not thoughtful or caring.

13. How long does the average U.S. couple spend talking to each other on a daily basis?

About 10 minutes.

14. What percentage of cheating husbands have close friends who also cheat?

More than 75%.

15. What percentage of cheating husbands witnessed their fathers cheat on their mothers?
Over 50%.