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Audio Surveillance and Private Investigation

At Maley Investigations, we have discussed the fact that a Private Investigator is not what you see portrayed on television.  We are not sneaky and depraved people that television shows lurking around pictures of people in compromising situations.   A good private investigator (as we discussed in the article “What to Look for in a Private Investigator”) should be ethical and work with and within the law.  It is a sad truth, but there are a few bad seeds that will do anything , legal or illegal to please a client. 

We also caution a person who attempts to investigate their issues themselves.  In our experience, that person ends up further from the truth and more confused than when they first started. 

While ensuring that our clients are pleased with our services, we do not just get the dirt;  at Maley Investigations, we pride ourselves on getting to the truth – and we do it the right way.  The last thing that you want as a client is to discover in court that all of the evidence and documentation that you have is inaccurate, or illegally obtained. 

For example, audio recording in Illinois is a very sensitive and serious subject.  Illinois is one of a few states that does not allow audio recording without the consent of all parties involved.  If you violate this, it can lead to criminal prosecution and possibly even a civil lawsuit for the party or parties involved.


Many times clients call asking us to plant hidden listening devices (also called eavesdropping devices).  It concerns me when these clients move on and seek a private investigator who will do such a thing.  If they don’t get what they want here, they will probably try to get it somewhere else.  It is a great concern in the private investigation field that some disreputables would break the law just to appease the wants of a client.  You must work within the realms of the law.  It may seem easy to push the line, but when it comes to bringing your evidence into a court of law, make sure that you have the law on your side.  Do not waste your reputation on the shortcut of a disreputable private investigator.  Make sure that you have the right choice -- the ethical choice.  Choose Maley Investigations & Security, Inc. where we will get to the truth the right way.

Audio Surveillance Laws (Party Consent) by State


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Illinois – 2 – Two Party Consent


720 ILS 5/14-2(a)

(a) A person commits eavesdropping when he:

(1) Knowingly and intentionally uses an eavesdropping device for the purpose of hearing or recording all or any part of any conversation or intercepts, retains, or transcribes electronic communication unless he does so

 (A) with the consent of all of the parties to such conversation or electronic communication or

(B) in accordance with Article 108A or Article 108B of the "Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963",

approved August 14, 1963, as amended