Infidelity / Cheaters

Women Narrowing the Infidelity Gap

In America today, it seems as though we are inundated with sex, whether it is in television shows, movies, books, and the internet.  We have come so far since the day of the ostracized sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey.  In 1953, Kinsey showed in his reports (The Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and The Sexual Behavior in the Human Female) that married men cheated around 50 percent of the time.  He also reported that roughly 26 percent of married women were also unfaithful.   


Cheaters: Proving infidelity can push the number

As a society, we cannot get enough of the sensationalized divorces of the rich and famous.  We always comment on how much money Mrs. So-and-so will get in the settlement because Mr. So-and-so stepped out on their marriage. The truth of the matter is that the affair of the average person does not affect the courts.  All of the 50 United States now have no-fault divorce laws, which allow people to divorce without disclosing a specific reason why the marriage failed.  In fact, many attorneys discourage revealing the true reasons for the divorce because those reasons will become public records after the documents are filed with the court.

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Cheating Spouses - How a PI can help

PInow gives some interesting information on the signs of a cheating spouse and how a private investigator can help.


Emotional Affairs

Just because there is no sex involved, does not mean that it is not still an affair.


Holiday Affairs

The holiday season brings heaps of things we really do not want or need.  Stress, exhaustion, arguments, and of course the “impossible to please” people.  There is also something astonishing and unexpected that comes with this holiday season of peace on earth and good will to all -- the ‘holiday affair.’


Maley Investigations & Infidelity

Infidelity, cheating, adultery, being unfaithful, having an affair...whatever you call it, its likely one of the most devastating and hurtful things that will ever happen to you.  Even the thought of your spouse or loved one being unfaithful is very disruptive to your live and extremely painful.  Unfortunately, if you seriously suspect your loved one of having an affair and see warning signs of infidelity, these worries are often found to be true.

At Maley Investigations, we understand how difficult it is to take the step to hire a private investigator and get the real answers to your concerns.  We understand your fears, your pain, and your need to get answers.  We are here to help you get to the truth and help you move forward with your life.