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Cheaters: Proving infidelity can push the number

As a society, we cannot get enough of the sensationalized divorces of the rich and famous.  We always comment on how much money Mrs. So-and so will get in the settlement because Mr. So-and-so stepped out on their marriage. The truth of the matter is that the affair of the average person does not affect the courts.  All of the 50 United States now have no-fault divorce laws, which allow people to divorce without disclosing a specific reason why the marriage failed.  In fact, many attorneys discourage revealing the true reasons for the divorce because those reasons will become public records after the documents are filed with the court.

So why does proving the infidelity matter?  Well the biggest reason we encounter is “I have to know for sure”.  Spouses sense that something is wrong and hire a Private Investigator to prove the infidelity occurred.  In about 20% of our cases here at Maley Investigations, the infidelity did not occur.  Many other factors can contribute to a spouse sensing infidelity.   But there are financial reasons you may want document infidelity in a divorce:

1. The couple signed a prenuptial agreement.

In most cases where a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is set up, there are stipulations in the case of infidelity within the marriage.The details of the agreement differs from couple to couple, however it is very common that in the case of infidelity the adulterer will be required to pay X amount of dollars per month to the other party.


2. The cheater spent a great deal of money on the mistress.

There have been many cases that we have dealt with in which the adulterer bought the mistress extravagant gifts and even paid for their rent, bills, car, or even their mortgage. If one can prove this extravagance, the courts may compensate them for their losses during the infidelity during the marriage.


3. If you can prove abuse or egregious conduct in the marriage.

If there is deplorable conduct in a marriage beyond the realm of decency, there may be cause for financial damages.  For example, we have seen cases in which after he was caught, the husband flaunted his infidelity online and in public for his wife, her friends, and their children to see.  In another situation, the wife convinced her husband that he was going crazy while she was having an affair with his best friend.   He sought professional help for years while she went behind his back.

There does not need to be a reason why one files for divorce, but having documented proof of infidelity can help push the results in your favor.  At Maley Investigations, we pride ourselves in finding the truth legally and ethically to help your case.