Infidelity / Cheaters

Women Narrowing the Infidelity Gap

In America today, it seems as though we are inundated with sex, whether it is in television shows, movies, books, and the internet.  We have come so far since the day of the ostracized sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey.  In 1953, Kinsey showed in his reports (The Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and The Sexual Behavior in the Human Female) that married men cheated around 50 percent of the time.  He also reported that roughly 26 percent of married women were also unfaithful.   

Estimates today from the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey, reports that 21 percent of men admit to having extramarital affairs.  These numbers are expected to be low, considering that no one wants to admit to having an affair.  Many believe that the real number could lie between 20 and 60 percent.  The estimated number for women is around 14 percent.  This is a drastic increase, however, from previous years. 

While men are still more likely to cheat, women are closing the gap.  Why, you ask? Women may feel freer to cheat now since the economic impact is not as great as it was in previous decades.  Women are now working more and with their own careers, they have less to lose.  It is also reported that contrary to popular and historical belief, women’s sexual drive is as powerful as a man’s libido. 

Between flirtatious e-mails and sexual text messages, it is also easier to cheat.  Social media allows people to chat casually with other people.  While there may not be actual physical contact, people are still having affairs of the emotional kind, which can often lead to an affair of the intimate kind.