Missing Persons

The private investigators at Maley Investigations have been able to locate and reconnect hundreds people across the nation, regardless of the time apart or distance. We conduct our search using some of the most recognized and leading information databases in the county. We pride ourselves in conducting utilizing a variety of methods including public information databases, public record, legal records, and past personal relationships. Maley Investigations uses the information found to locate people who have been out of touch for years and even decades.

  • Missing persons
  • Runaway children
  • Adoption
  • Old classmates
  • Lost loves
  • Missing relatives
  • Paternity suits, Dead Beat Dads
  • Inheritance
  • Process Service
  • Witnesses

At Maley Investigations, our knowledgeable investigators are experts and locating and reuniting people in a timely and efficient manner. In the past, we have had an overall success and satisfaction rate of over 90%. It is our mission to provide the best service to our clients while respecting the privacy of all parties involved. We maintain complete confidentiality in our investigation and will only divulge information and aid in making contact if all parties consent.