Organization Consultation

MIS, Inc. staff has a wealth of supervisory and executive command level law enforcement experience. Members of the staff are graduates of the nation’s most prestigious and recognized law enforcement training programs such as the FBI National Academy, the Northwestern University Traffic Institute and the Southern Police Institute. This diversified combination of education and professional experience provides the staff of MIS, Inc. with the qualifications and insight to conduct expert consultation and assessments for a wide variety of organizations. These include public and private organizations, law enforcement organizations, at both the local and county level to review programs, policies, practices, conduct internal investigations, and provide recommendations on budgetary issues. Our clients have included Sheriff’s Departments and both small and medium sized law enforcement agencies.

Private Sector organizations have effectively used a proactive approach to risk management for many years. It has not been until recently that a few enlightened law enforcement agencies have taken this same successful approach. Most agencies still tend to react to problems, issues and risks after the fact rather than take a more proactive approach. This approach can subject your agency to unnecessary criticism, negative media attention, or embarrassment. At MIS, Inc., our approach to risk management is more proactive. An organizational review by a professional and experienced outside group can identify risks and anticipate problems before they arise and prevent them from occurring.

Whether you need an organizational review as a new agency head, a policy and practices review, an expert witness, or a fiscal review to reduce costs associated with your budget, MIS, Inc. can provide the most experienced and professional consultants to fit your needs.