Process Service

Whether a civil case or criminal case, the ability to locate an individual in a timely manner if often crucial to the success of the case. Many civil and criminal investigations require locating a party to a lawsuit or a witness and then serving that individual with a subpoena or other official document. At Maley Investigations we specialize in the hard to find witness, and hard to serve subjects. After you have hired those other companies and they fail to serve, give Maley Investigations a call. Those companies offer you three attempts at the address you give them for a flat fee. We conduct a thorough investigation first, we confirm their residence and locate their employment, and then we provide process service in a professional manner. We specialize in hard to find and hard to serve. We have developed a reputation with many law firms as the only private detective agency that can get the job done when everyone else has failed.

We specialize in hard to find, hard to serve!