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Insure Your Relationship: Get a background check

A healthy, happy, long-term relationship -- it is something that we all want in our lives.  But before you enter into a committed relationship, wouldn’t you want to know the truth about the person you are with? With online dating websites accounting for a great deal of new relationships, one needs to be sure about the person they are with. 

Before the relationship gets too far and you get hurt, check out the facts first.  You never know the horrors that can come out about a person you are in a relationship with that could have been known at the start.  Things could have been different.  At Maley Investigations, we have had many cases dealing with this sort of matter, and unfortunately a simple background check could have been done to prevent hurt feelings and heartache.  Get the information.  Answer your questions.  No surprises.

Are they married? Have they ever been married?

Recently, I saw an episode of the television show, “Elementary,” in which the character Joan Watson went on a date with a seemingly perfect gentleman.  It was going well, with great future potential, until she said that she had never been married.  This brought about a strange moment of silence between the two.  Something just didn’t feel right to Watson.  After doing a little research, it turned out that this man was married. 

This situation is not just television drama, it actually happens more than you think.  People can say ‘the marriage is over’ and that ‘the papers just haven’t gone through yet.’  Is that the truth?  How can you be certain?  You should get the facts.  Know the truth before the relationship goes too far and someone gets hurt.  It could be you.  It could be them.  It could ruin a family.

Who is this person? What is their past?

It is a sad truth but people lie, especially when they are trying to hide something about their past.  I realize that during the get-to-know-you part of a first date asking, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” is not a great icebreaker.  But, it is a question that needs to be answered. 

A background check will let you know if that person has been previously convicted of a crime or if they are currently wanted for a crime.  Be educated and make the decision to stay or leave for yourself.  At Maley Investigations we have come across some of the most disturbing truths: sex offenders and hardened felons.  Protect yourself, your family (your potential children, and your reputation. 

A background check performed by a licensed professional is the best way to answer your questions and calm your fears.   Online databases do not offer the full story.  Often times they are not up to date or even have incorrect information.  Know what you are getting yourself into.   Ask a professional for help.