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The Ten Year Divorce

It was recently reported that a Connecticut couple, David Zilkha and Karen Kaiser, have been going through a vicious divorce for over ten years.  This divorce and child visitation case has been reported to have produced approximately 600 motions and ruling. It shows no signs of ending any time soon. This extremely frustrating to the courts, and is also taking a toll on the couples’ young children.  David Zilkha has not seen his 12-year-old twin son and daughter in four years.  This ugly and drawn out case is not an entirely unique situation.  The he-said-she-said wild accusations are a reason why divorces can be prolonged and have a drastic impact on the children.  In this case, there are accusations of abuse and mental issues.  These accusations become public record.  "Basically, my kids and I have been brutalized," Zilkha said, referring to the legal process. "It's been soul-destroying. It's been life-destroying."

It is a sad, but true, reality of private investigation that we deal with situations similar to that of Kilkha and Kaiser.  There are many reasons why the services of a private investigator could benefit you in a divorce case.  Whether it is finding hidden assets or ensuring that your children are being well-cared for, a private investigator can get information you need.  They can also work with the attorneys to get the information.  At Maley Investigations, we pride ourselves on getting to the truth.  In court, we do not discuss alleged events or accusations – we present the facts.